Tata Indicom Photon Plus Wireless Mobile Broadband – Speed test and Review

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Highspeed mobile broadband services finally arrived to India. In addition to the State owned BSNL’s EVDO service, RCom’s Netconnect broadband Plus, Tata Indicom also joined to the bandwagon with its Photon Plus. Tata Indicom Photon plus is an upgraded version of its Photon Whiz, a wireless internet service which offers speed upto 144 kbps (CDMA 1x). Tata Photon Plus uses EVDO Rev.0 technology (3G) which offers a download speed upto 3.1 Mbps and available on major cities in India.


Tata Indicom team has sent us Tata Photon plus kit and we tried out and tested the mobile broadband in all testing combination and bringing you this exclusive review.

USB modem and Router:

Tata Photon plus comes in two variants. USB modem type and Router. USB modem type is the preferred choice for Laptop and Desktop users. Wireless router is best suited for small organizations or those who want to access internet from multiple computers at the sametime. In order to use the wireless router, you must have wireless Dong in case of desktop.


Installation of Photon Plus is very simple. The USB modem comes with the necessary installation drivers and dialer software and it will install automatically on the first plug. For further connection, all you have to do is execute the dialer the software using the desktop or startmenu shortcuts.

Upload and Download Speeds

We were actually surprised with the speed. We got an average download speed of 1.5 Mb/s and Upload speed of 0.44 Mb/s on a regular basis. 25 MB of data file took me 3.10 minutes to download and 4.9 MB music file took 2.45 minutes to upload. Infact we tried downloading the beta version of upcoming Microsoft’s Operating system, which is of 2.36 GB, took 5 hrs approximately. However the connection speed is completely depending on multiple factors like the accessing area’s distance from the tower, time of the day, number of simultaneous users. Also make a note that the 3.1 Mbps download speed claimed by any service providers including Tata Photon Plus is the burst speed and is the maximum speed one can reach at the ideal conditions. So be happy if you are getting the download speed of 1.5 Mbps.



Plans and Tariffs

Tata Indicom USB photon device comes at a cost of Rs. 3500. This charges includes the USB modem charges and the installation. Tata Indicom has more plan options than the competitors, however the absence of any unlimited plan actually restricts power users to move for Hi-Speed broadband. Photon Plus starts from Rs. 250 and extends upto Rs. 1500. Photon plus has both Time bound and Data bound plan options. Rs. 1500 plan allows upto 15 GB of upload + download and yes, it is the maximum.

Network coverage

Tata Photon+ is currently avalilable selected cities in India (Delhi, Patna, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Dehradhun, Shimla & the circles of J & K, Assam & NESA States). On all other parts, the device will automatically switch to CDMA 1X connection and will offer 144 kbps speed. Tata Indicom has to increase the High speed availability areas as they are currently covering very less areas when compared to the competitors.


Tata Indicom Photon Plus offers an excellent broadband speed. It covers major cities in India and the speeds are steady while on the move too. But it covers only major Tier-I cities and North eastern region, where fixed line network is not possible as of now. Tata Indicom has to aggressively expand and increase the coverage regions. Also, Watching streaming videos, Browsing rich websites and Downloading in seconds are the major priority for any power user to switch to High speed broadband service. Currently Photon plus is not offering any unlimited plan and the plans are very costly when compared to the fixed line connectivity. We hope Tata Indicom will come up with more interesting plans to give a tough edge to the competitors.








224 Responses to “Tata Indicom Photon Plus Wireless Mobile Broadband – Speed test and Review”

  1. Vijay says:

    I am Currently staying in Mumbai, got Photon+ a week back. I would say only one word ‘Amazing’. I dont think even the wired connection has this much speed and uninterrupted connectivity. The average time taken to download 1MB file is simply 10-15 seconds. I have tried working and different timings a day and it never slows down. The customer service is also good that i have changed my Plan in 24 hours. The bill payment is also really simple through online payment. The device costs 3500/- and installation took 5 days. Amazing service i have ever seen, now i am recommending my Friends and relatives to buy the same.

    • vinay says:

      whr do u stay in mumbai? coz the areas below thane work on 1x speeds in tata photon plus u r lucky u come in a tata photon coverage area in mumbai

    • adarsh says:

      ur very lucky.

    • sandeep says:

      all say is fuck dis network the speed is damn too slow. Its around 1-2 kbps my option is not to go for it…

    • JATIN says:

      Please trydownload fullmovie & give your review. As per Tata Photon Full Movie ( aproximate 800 MB ) download time only 67 Min. It’s fact ? Please try & give your review. It’s cheating with us.

    • nitin thakur says:

      i think what tata is showing is like a white elephant, i m from ludhiana(punjab). i hav tata photon +,but its downloading speed in merely 2-10 kbps, i dont know whr it it giving a speed of 1.5mbps or more .all athis is making me more frustrated. dont know what to do to increase its speed. i hav download accerator plus. only one day i hav noticed a maximum speed of 140 kbps and after that day it showed its real fucking damn slow speed

  2. Dhuruv says:

    i have a photon+ connection and it is horrible. It’s speed is pathetic.Even youtube videos are buffering. Dont go for it

  3. patrickG says:

    The Tatas need to get their normal broadband services in order and deliver their promise of “always-on” before they start making empty promises about even higher speeds. And…they need to stop constructing at Dhamra port in Orissa.

  4. Raghu Kanna says:

    Nice review. Infact i was looking for such a detailed review before buying Photon plus or netconnect.

  5. Varma says:

    Pathetic and very slow… It shows a connection speed of around 200 kbps however you try to surf or download anything it gives a max speed of 5-15 kbps. I almost have to roam with the laptop to all the corners of the place….

  6. Bhaskar says:

    It shows upto a speed of 2.3 mbps but while downloading, it shows upto 90 kbps. Pretty nice for surfing. Better than the Reliance Netconnect.

    • fax says:

      u r lucky for me 3-5kbps i would like to request not to buy tata photon+ They r only da cheater don buy it and ,useless customer care…………

      • parth says:

        ya it is the wrost service..i m currently using it and not satisfied with it….it just gives 10-20 kbps downloading speed …just hate it…dont buy it..

  7. DontGoForIt says:

    Useless customer care

  8. Srinivas says:

    Please give me full information about tata photon plus wireless internet and various usage plans

  9. Ravi123 says:

    Reliance netconnect broadband is good but problem is that they are not offering unlimited plan. Speed is ok 500 to 800 kbps. but problem is no unlimited plan.

  10. Anil says:

    Hi I have been using Photo+ in Navi Mumbai for the past 2 weeks. The speed varies between 400 kbps to 1.8 Mbps depending upon the time of the day. During day time it fluctuates between 400 kbps and 800 kbps. Speed starts to increase after 6 pm. If one does not need mobile broadband internet, go for MTNL Triband. 24 hrs a day I get 1.8 Mbps. It is much cheaper to set up and usage charges are also low. Mobile broadband is a new offering, so may take time to stabilize and improve. On the hind side as the number of users go up and if the service providers fail to increase bandwidth, service may deteriorate. So it is a wait and watch for now. Internet continues to be a suffering. But the above options are any day better than using your mobile phone for accessing internet.

  11. RIYAZ says:

    hi this not onlemetd ok

  12. Tata Photon says:

    I think instead of going for Tata you should go for Reliance because of their vast coverage of network and their speed is much better than Tata. I called both representative to have demo and I noticed that Reliance is quite fast than Tata.

  13. Liza says:

    very poor connectivity clashes with lot of software service is poor for tata photon plus repenting buying it will post again if it improves

  14. Rain says:

    I think its a brilliant product! The average speed I get is around 1.5 Mbps and on occasion it has gone up to 2.2 Mbps. I regularly watch full length movies online (not just YouTube videos) without the slightest buffering. I think its damn reasonably priced for such awesome speeds. Am thinking of upgrading to the 15GB scheme since the additional usage rates have been brought down to Rs.0.50/MB.

  15. Mero says:

    Tata is the ever worst connection for online gaming in northeast. I’m one of the customer who is using tata photon+ for last 2 months n i cant even get 60kbps constantly every 20 min in working hour and in night every 5min i get DC (Disconnect). I call, email to customer care and i got reply it will be solved soon and i even personally went to office to complain about this. I’m so disappointed :( for this connection. I have other connections sify (wired) and BSNL (wireless) which is far more better than tata which is call photon+ 3.1Mbps. And Btw go BSNL (wireless) just pay 250/month used unlimited :). And the connection u will feel like you are using wired comparing to tata indicom photon+ Will post if it get better in notheast (kohima)

  16. vasu says:

    Useless customer care

  17. Shringar Bhuwania says:

    I am facing a problem while connecting the photon device. The device is getting detected by the laptop. The light blinks. But when i connect it via Huawei Access Manager it says the device is not available. I cant understand where does the problem lie? The laptop ports are fine as the device gets detected then why does the Huawei Manager says ‘DEVICE UNAVAILABLE’?!

  18. Gajendra says:

    Tata Photon Plus 3.1 Mbps Call for more details Gajendra – 9342427054

  19. Sujata Dev says:

    Is Tata Indicom Photon Plus unlimited plan available in Guwahati, Assam. 10 Oct. 2009.

  20. Vipul m shah says:

    I have Novatel wireless(qualcomm 3G cdma) modem if possible it suitable in Tata Photon+ Or Reliance Net work, I have purchase tata photon+ or reliance net, if possible please guide me what can i do for this modem. & its a working very well like i have install a any airtel sim card in this modem, network is very good. but i haven’t use interenate service Thanking you,

  21. hanu says:

    tata-indicom-photon-plus soft ware send mail

  22. Moumita Mukherjee says:

    I want to buy your tata indicom photon plus.can u plz mail me the nearest dealer in Siliguri where i can found this……..

    • fax says:

      don buy it tataphoton + is a money eater device they promised 3.1mbps& even not getting 100kbps max.3-8kbps better to buy MTNL

  23. Varsha says:

    Hi I purchased a tata photon+ recently and i am experiencing very slow download speed on the 512mb package. Please help Can i use any software to increase the download speed? No hardware suggestions please. Thankyou.

  24. amit kumar says:

    tell me about services in ncr and delhi region

  25. amit kumar says:

    tell me about services in ncr and delhi region. thank you

  26. priya says:

    ipls tell me whather u can provide service in seawoods?

  27. Kunal says:

    Photon Plus is not available in Siliguri(West Bengal) when it is avaialable in this town.

  28. Dj says:

    what is the cost of it, and monthly cost, and is it suitable for people living outside india. for eg. in Bhutan….

  29. RUKESH says:

    i want know ,whether is available for tamilnadu,vellore city

  30. PROSAD KUMAR DEY says:


  31. rohith says:

    i am unhappy with the speed of tata photon plus when compare to broadband 512 or 2mbps lines they reach speeds upto 150kbps and tata photon plus can reach max of 50 or 80 kbps i have purchased this 3months and could not reach 1mbps properly if it reaches its max 1.3mbps and doenloads at speed of 50 or 40 64 —– i feel its better to try broadband not tata photon plus from hyderbad. 9949039143

  32. vinod kumar says:

    This is vinod I want the 2Mbps package details of photon and the charge details—-thank you

  33. Shripad says:

    I want to buy your tata indicom photon plus.can u plz mail me the nearest dealer in Aurangabad , Maharashtra , where i can found this…….. Thanks, Shripad 9764691150

  34. sekhar says:


  35. taqdir singh says:

    i want to know its all plans………about monthly rental……what is the highest plan and lowest plan, everything in detail about its plan???

    • Debraj Ray says:

      I wana buy a datacard immediately and my rquirement is moderate speed i.e. 1mbps wl do good for me. Can any1 suggest me the best option to buy 1…?

  36. mukesh wardhan says:

    sir, i purchased photon plus device 5 months ago from patna, and brought it to Allahabad. here the service is not available till the date. can u please say, upto when the service would available in Allahabad. please guide me,i am suffering.

  37. Siji says:

    i want to know whether this is available in Korratty, Thrissur

  38. rahul says:


  39. narendra says:

    whether tata photon plus service ios availabele in wardha city naren 9960680184

  40. Deepak Kumar says:

    How to purchase tata photon plus what ‘s the exact cost……..?

  41. venkateshw says:

    i think its lot of problems facing with this tata photon plus device i think its better too improve its security

  42. ashok says:

    i found a tata photon plus on the street and would like to give it back to the owner. But i’m unable to find the contact or any sort of info regarding the user. kindly let me knw on hw to find the user/owner name of the device so that i will be able to return it to the person.

  43. Ravi K. says:

    In Hyderabad, I never get more than 400K download speed and 100 upload speed. This is very disappointing and cannot replace BSNL’s home router, however, as a “back up” or when mobile web surfing is needed it’s definitely ok.

  44. chaithanya says:

    i am not able to use the photon + in desktop. because its not recongise by computer. please anyone can help me out,

  45. rajesh says:

    please call the tata customer care and inform the device number you can get the contact info and inform the user

  46. bharat says:

    hi friends if you are thinking to switch to tata photon then call me for free home delivery if have any question or want see demo call me 9784549965 (jodhpur only)

  47. Anil verma says:

    tata photon plus is atom bomb……………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!! must puchase tata……… in chandigarh speed is browsing 3.6 mbps after 12 am other wise 600kbps to 1.7 mbps downloading speed max i got 600 kbps……….. after 12 other wise 100 to 200 kbps in batala 189 to 250 kbps browsing before 12 (batala does cm yet under hsia)

    • amit bhatnagar says:

      how it can be possible to get 600 kbps speed in photon, tecnicaly in ideal condition if you are geting speed of 3.1 that is max speed of photon means 3100/8 =387.5 will be max downloading speed, but in real life i dont think this speed will be in wireless, my sugestion is to go for adsl2 wire brodband will be far batter then it, photon is good but coustomer service is pathetic.

  48. Parta hazarika says:

    I need it.send me details the prices.

  49. Gajendra says:

    TATA PHOTON PLUS Tata Photon Plus 3.1 Mbps 20 times faster than your normal data card speed! Call for more details Gajendra – 9342427054

  50. deepansh says:

    im in hyderbad ..i hav never seen d speed more dan 150 kbps..any answers y it is so

  51. anar says:

    hi i want to switch from post paid connection to prepaid on tata photon plus! pls help

  52. kumaresan E.S says:


  53. Anil Verma says:

    hii deepansh that is the normal speed of tata photon plus if u use any downloader after 12 am u will definately get high speed or u must change your os…….. i use window 7 it work very fast igot speed 200 kbps + after 12 am (80 to 170 kbps befor 12 am) other reason is your area whr u live check your signal strength there is also one reason no of user in ur area these factor affect your photon speed to get mor speed install uniblue speed up my pc and registry booster then scan this will help u in increasing ur downloading speed

  54. Ananth says:

    hey guys… photon sucks!!! the speed of photon plus is very eratic..i.e. the speed does’nt remain the same… some times it gives download speed of 100kbps and suddenly drops to 30kbps… i gave up my photon!!! and they did’nt even take the modem back… i had to bear the loss of 3500rs which i paid to buy it… i had to just throw it… atleast they could have taken in second price… both the material and the customer care is poor… lots are expected from tata!!

  55. Radheshyam says:

    Hi, I am Radheshyam Sharma from Bhilwara. Is this true that tata photon plus give us minimum speed of 3 Mbps. Can we watch online TV on photon plus.

  56. Umesh bhardwaj says:

    dear All if u want to increase the speed of photon simply log the fake call in call center after some time u can check the speed it is better than previous speed. because speed limit is set by the service provider Umesh Bhardwaj Service – Head KIL

  57. DEVICEforSALE says:

    I have a Photon plus usb modem for resale. Price only Rs.2500/-

  58. Naga says:

    I have a Photon plus usb modem at only Rs.1500/-

  59. Naga says:

    I have a Photon plus usb modem at only Rs.1500/- contact 9243044255

  60. sac says:

    Hello, I am using Photon + for last 2 weeks and, placed an order for the device in march 1st week I got it in 3rd week. The speed is horrible, it promises me 3.1 Mbps but the Max I got till date is 400Kbps. Advice you not to go for it, Shit service, both customer care and So called Nodal officers and, bullshit management, good for nothing. Don’t go for Tata Photon +

  61. Krishnendu says:

    Speed is Fine but customer care is pathetic ..!

  62. yogesh says:

    Speed and customer care is pathetic ..!

  63. shourya das says:

    Don’ even think about it 2 purchase . I purchased photon whiz device 7 days ago it speed constantly varies with in 0- 5 kbps.Even I am not able to surf or open google home page at this speed. I am from bhilai (chattisgarh). so my suggestion to all my dear friends think 100 time before to purchase it. fine. God bless you

  64. Aziz says:

    I bought a tata photon + on 30/03/10. and submitted the documents to the representative on Saturday 3rd April 2010. there is no update there after online can you please tell me the status of my order for tata photon+. I got a call on finally on the 12th April 2010 morning I get a call from tata executive assuring me the complaint will be taken care of same day afternoon i get a verifying call asking me which laptop I have and what is my address etc. I was once again assured I will be receiving the photon + in 2 days. I have not received the same so now I think TATA just means assurance and no action I don’t know what I should now. I purchased and did the payment on march 30th today is 16th April so I understand that tata people are never really active and punctual to deliver the product.

  65. P.Ramachandra Rao says:

    While Tata photon plus speed is good in places where towers are available, it is horribly low in other places. Buffering takes a long time wasting a lot of time. This is to due signal problem. I think more and more towers will solve the problem.

  66. Gohel Dipak says:

    i have a tata photon + it’s provided by my company but it’s speed is very very slow i can say deadslow, if u want to down load 25 mb file it’s taking time 5 hrs for that, it.s transfer rate is 2 to 4 kbps only, why this happend in wireless network,

  67. Atulkumar says:

    The worst connection I have ever purchased. Very bad product. Very bad customer support. All are liar, they speak of 3.1 mbps speed, a bad product not even deliverers 100 kbps. The most untrustworthy and un ethetic connection I have ever seen. Got Frustrated with it, and customer support intimates that you have used a specific amount of even though connection was not working for complete month. Please peoples out there never gop fo TATA PHOTON PLUS

  68. Guruswamy says:

    This is only for the metro cities. It is useless even in the cities near Metros. Photon plus does give 60 kbps at Dombivli(Kalyan) 48 kms awy from CST. It takes more than 10 minutes to open a page, leave aside dowloading. Atleast they should clearly indicate the 3.1 Mbps availability area it spoils the name of TATAs to sell products like this.

  69. Shubham says:

    Hi i live in Aurangabad and I have got a PHOTON+ and I am thinking to crush it down because of its poor network and Third class speed.I will recommend you to go for M-BLAZE.

  70. MOHSIN says:


  71. MOHSIN says:


  72. sidhi pawar says:

    good speed bt der no unlimited plan for surfing,browsing,chatting for prepaid customer??????????

  73. rakesh says:

    tata photon has good download and upload speed in metros .. but worst in most part of the country where it connects to cdma 1X network and the download speed is pathetic..needs to improve a lot.. becoz tatas name is associated with trust but when it comes to tata photon + they need to improve and imrpove fast and only then they can win the trust …

  74. Ram says:

    useless customer service. Airtel broadband is quite better. Dont go to Hell

  75. Krushna says:

    when will tata photon plus come in rajkot???????

  76. Krushna says:

    if we buy tata photon plus from mumbai and use in rajkot. Then what speed it will give????????

  77. Krushna says:

    reply me fast. I want an answer…………….

  78. Durgesh says:

    Hi, i have bought tata photon ;it is giving a speed of only 17kb for download –Location –Dombivli east –Khidkali. i think tata photon is better only in Mumbai not in thane circle

  79. Neha says:

    Hi , I bought the Tata photon plus connection on May 29. It got diconnected just after two days and even if we have submitted the documents till today (Jun 01) it didnt get activated.We used to call customer service daily.But they are telling our details are not updated in the system, so contact to the local office from where I purchased. The above mentioned office is the ‘Great’ tata photon plus office at Forum.They are telling we are helpless..This is what meant by cheating…From our experience we are telling dont buy any tata photon plus connection especially from FORUM mall..They will smile at you before buying the product only..Once we buy it , we will come to know what the hell service they are providing..Please be very very carefull..Think twice before you are planning to get the tata photon plus connection especially from the Forum mall..

  80. Krishna says:

    I bought a Photon + an year back..The 1st month i got the promised speed it was awesome..After that i have never got the same speed again..It fluctuates so much that i can’t even explain..The current speed i am getting is 2.4 KBps. Enigineer visits and says “aapke yahan par connectivity signal strenght kam hai”..How was the signal strenght fantastic in the 1st month..???????

  81. sidan says:

    it worked gr8 for the first 3 months but these days it really sucks…… speed not even touching 1 mbps…its in kbs like 300 to max 700 kb/sec…… ppl dont go 4 this device

  82. P.Mathiyazhagan says:

    pl provide a inter connection details for Rs 200 – 250 per month.

  83. Devendra Verma says:

    I am staying in the Navi Mumbai -Belapur. Speed of Photon+ is pathetic. Even their engineer came and put on the the paper that their network coverage has issue. Their customer care does not accept it. I request Tata Indicom before selling to the product please specify that it’s speed can go down till 2-4 kbps depending on the location so that customer does not go for it.

  84. sukhjeet says:

    only 1 month old tata photon in just 1200rs sukhjeet singh :- 9871121618,9211025554

  85. ullas kumar says:

    Can any body tell, how much is the area a single Tata tower can cover….??

  86. Karney PAvan Kumar says:

    If anyone is interested in buying TATA PHOTON PLUS, I Say NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT BUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I bought 1, 2 weeks back and now repenting for it.. its worst.. Its qualities are poor or No connectivity, Very Slow speed, Bad Customer Service… dont go for it..

  87. Salim Sayyed says:

    Hi I have a Tata Photon Plus. I want to know the tariff when we use it outside India. What are the rates in different countries. Please help THanks Salim Sayyed

  88. Manjeet Baruah says:

    Recently i brought Tata Photon Wireless 3.1mbps.Post paid. But It doesnt work..Its damn slow…I cant understand the statistic graph..Mine is veryy Low both Upload and download..Upload maximum 21kbps..Usually it stays in Zeroo but sometime for a second or so it shot up to 280 kbps and back to Zero again I even call up ta customer service but still its same after i have done what they told…GOSHHHHHHH….. Is it something to do with my Ram or harddrive space? My Harddisk space is 80Gb altogether..divided into three Drive C,D,E..C contain ony 24.GB…My ram is 1.Gb my window is vista intel centrino Help Help..

  89. Manjeet Baruah says:

    Recently i brought Tata Photon Wireless 3.1mbps..But It doesnt work..Its damn slow…I cant understand the statistic graph..Mine is veryy Low both Upload and download..Upload maximum 21kbps..Usually it stays in Zeroo but sometime for a second or so it shot up to 280 kbps and back to Zero again I even call up ta customer service but still its same after i have done what they told…GOSHHHHHHH….. Is it something to do with my Ram or harddrive space? My Harddisk space is 80Gb altogether..divided into three Drive C,D,E..C contain ony 24.GB…My ram is 1.Gb my window is vista intel centrino New Delhi

  90. jeet singh says:

    when will the tata photon plus come in haryana

  91. jeet singh says:

    saale kutte kamine tata wale saalo ne mujhe tata photon whiz yeh keh kar diya ki iski speed 153kbps se lekar 230kbps tak hai …. lekin sallli aaj tak 145kbps se uppar chalta he nahi sallla wo kabhi 40 ki dtea hai kabi 30 bas itni he ……. maaa ke dine saale tata wole chor hai kutee ke baache aisi company ko to baan kar dena chahiye …….. saale chor ke baachheeee……. bloody basterds chor …… main to is ka bill nahi bahrunga company main dum main hai to mera kuch ukhaad ke dikhaye …… agar mere se bill manga to saalo choro par ulta case kar dunga ….. haramy saale chor

  92. jeet singh says:

    the biggest chor company of this world ………..tata tata tata tata tata tata tata …. inko to apna slogan banana chahiye …….. tata apnaye choro ki sangati main shaamil ho jaye

  93. jitender kumar says:

    every body who so ever is working for tata phone plus from sales men to team leader of customer care.They all are lairs. they do the commitment but they donot understand the mean every much pthatic customer service and speed . the day i bouhgt could not use for half an hr continiously it gets disconected. at the time of selling they would please you like a dog. once you paid for the connection. they change their numbers . harami hai saarey chor…..

  94. jitender kumar says:

    is there any one who has dare to take the responsibities and ownership to get my problem resolved else work on my piece of advice give resign to seniors becoz you all are not capable enough to do your job. i got good experience with in one week of buying tata photon plus. and this makes sense ( experence the diffrence)

  95. Krishna Gautam says:

    I am planning to buy Tata Photon Plus Device. I am to use it in Surat. Can anybody suggest me, should I go for it or not, considering the Speed(3.1 MBPS committed) and customer services? Well, reading other comments I think it is not a good option to go for, but anyway I want to know your opinion.

  96. Abu Bakar Siddiqi says:

    Hi All, i have seen many a comment some positive and others negative. With 20 years of marketing in bangalore & overseas , i did extensive market research & finally decided to buy Photon Plus in Bangalore. I am quite happy with its upload & download speeds & surprised by some negative comments, i suggest those affected to install a good anti virus and if possible take a back-up & format the system, that would really set your system Right !

  97. devidas says:

    Is Tata Indicom Photon Plus unlimited plan available in Goa?

  98. George says:

    Tata Photon Sucksssss..Big Time Sucker….I regret taking ta connectionnnnnn…….There is only one boy as a customer care…I have already known his voice tone very clearly now….Airtell is way much better then photon ton ton watever tat is……Guysssss dont Make a mistake by choosing Tata Photon just because the commercial advertisement is promising to u…It really suckssss…will only suck ur money and Ur mood while connecting to ur laptop… New delhi

  99. satish dhankhar says:

    Tata photon plus actual speed is 400 to 800 kbps between 24 hrs. Its a wireless service. So don’t expect for actual 3.1mbps speed. Its speed depend on there location. On some places u may get less that 100kbps speed. So if u want to purchase it , first get a demo at our place where u make it in most use. if there is good speed. than u should purchase it.

  100. saurabh ranjan says:

    i am using tata photon plus but i want to know how much i have used the memory

  101. ranggaw0636 says:

    isn’t 1,6Mbps is a standar?

  102. Muthu says:

    i need TATA phton in tamil nadu pls contact me

  103. Vidyajit says:

    I’ve recently purchased a tata photon+ USB modem. It’s horrible that the speed i got is less than 20 Kbps though the signal strength is between 70-90%. So, they betrayed me as they told they have a speed of 3.1 mbps. I wonder never even i got 100 Kbps. This device is whole lots of stupid things. Therefore, my dear friends never go for this device.

    • Vidyajit says:

      They didn’t reply since the day i wrote. May be they will execute this gadget and planning to start a more stupid device (may be like tata photon ++) to bluff innocent Indians. So be aware of such frauds, dear citizens of India.

  104. Deepak Aggarwal says:

    The speed is pathetic. It is never more then 30 KBPS. I tried download a video 0f 178 MB which took hours to complete. I was being sold with 3.1 MBPS but in actual it is 31 KBPS. It is a fraud and cheating. Is somebody looking into this from TATA executive team. It is carrying a bad name in the market. Soon you will be become the worst gadget of year from top gadget of year.

  105. santosh yadav says:

    Hi all, Please don’t take Tataphoton .i am using this service it’s very bad speed it never reach more than 150 KBPS. IF you called customer care they will not give you proper answers. Please stay away from tata photon .

  106. amit banra says:

    hey guys y don’t u all check out..airtel data card..i hope u would like the speed of its.

  107. hriday says:

    tata whiz and its service is really really very bad i think people should go for some other device

  108. K says:

    Please dont believe TATA Photon+ will deliver speed, I have bought this 3 months back and till now i have never seen it reach 1 Mbps, i get only 60 Kbps speed normally .Whenever we call customer care, they guide us with stupid procedure which doesnot increase speed.

  109. Manoranjan says:

    Hello I got inormation from Tata photon representative that the speed is more than 3 mbps however I went for the same and now regret as the speed is pathetically slow in Kolkata itself what to say of other cities. There is someting seriously wrong with Tata people they should not send representative who give false propaganda this I hope does not go well with company like Tata which I trusted I feel betrayed.

  110. Surendra says:

    Hello Everybody Tata Photon Plus is the worest network compare to other netwoks, i am facing the bad experience with tata photan plus past 6 months, i have faced toomuch strugle with customer care people also, they are not feel the responsibility, they are telling irregulare answers. Surendra, Hyderabad

  111. banu says:

    I need photon+ connection.how i will buy it.whats this plan? whether it is montly pay or annual payment?

  112. srinivas says:

    Hi Bhanu, Go for monthly pay. If you don’t wanna use it for so many reasons , you can call the customer care and inform them. You no need to pay the rental for that month. BUt in annual that is not the case. srini, mysore

  113. Debasish Ray says:

    I have purchased Tata Photon+ in May’2009 for Rs.3500/-. So I am using this service for last 1 year 3 months now. I have only one word for the Tata Photon+ service..its ‘PATHETIC’. So why I am still using it?…because I have already invested in the Photon+ device, and the device cost will be a sunk cost if I discontinue the service. The average speed of Photon+ is between 2kbps to 20kbps, against a false claim of 3.1mbps!! The connection is also unstable and goes on and off during surfing. The spped increases to 30-40kbps after 2am at midnight, and thats the best speed they offer. I am using it for both my desktop and laptop, both are high-end new machines with original softwares and anti-virus softwares, so there is no problem with mu systems. In fact the laptop works superbly in my office network. So I do not buy the idea that Photon+ does not work because of poor computer devices. The Photon+ service itself SUCKS, and you will get tons of negative feedback about the service on net. These devices are selling because of mis-leading advertisements. They also have false billing problem. And TATA Indicom’s customer is probably the WORST in the whole world. My strong recommendation about TATA Photon+ is..’DO NOT BUY’.

  114. sanjay sharma says:

    I want to install tata photan plus on a second system what i’ve to do for this

  115. md.jameel says:

    I have used this device they are just bluffing people with this advertisements its download speed is less than 500 kbps AND upload is less than 256 kbps paying bills of it is just a wastage of money its better to through off the device

  116. Dr.Chandrashekar Sorake says:

    I totally agree with Debasish Ray.every bit of what he said is exactly true.when i got thje device i year back had good speed for the first 2 months.after that terrible speeds and ridiculous bills. i cancelled my reliance connection and switched to photon plus thinking it was a TATA product but an sad to say they are all the same.money swindling phoney claims. terrible speeds.i think they have dished out too many connections and the result is the end user speeds have drastically come down.bad to worse as the days go by. may need to change to a BSNL one i guess. will definately not recommenrd this product to anyone.

  117. ved prakash verma says:

    I have used this device they are just bluffing people with this advertisements its download speed is less than 20 kbps AND upload is less than 8 kbps paying bills of it is just a wastage of money its better to through off the device. photon plus is the worst in all data card provider , i am getting download speed up to only 8 KBPS . they are making fool only.

  118. ved prakash verma says:

    I have used this device they are just bluffing people with this advertisements its download speed is less than 20 kbps AND upload is less than 8 kbps paying bills of it is just a wastage of money its better to through off the device. photon plus is the worst in all data card provider , i am getting download speed up to only 8 KBPS . they are making fool only. hmmm

  119. daler chahal(kaleke) says:

    i ,m using tata photon whiz. it has very bad speed. when it comes in, my village(kaleke)(amritsar)

  120. K.rajeev says:

    I am using Tata Photon vhiz but i am not getting speed How i can increase speed of tata photon vhiz

  121. hamid says:

    i love speed of tata photon+ but it has one limitation that it has no unlimited plan……

  122. nikita says:

    I bought photon plus today for 2500/- i’m already regretting it! It had a pathetic speed of 1-5 Kbps! I’ve been trying the customer care service number, no use, nobody picks up! Please don’t go for it!

  123. geetika says:

    Hi all, I bought TATA photom+ for Rs.3500/- in january 2010, now I am regretting as I am not getting speed more than 1-4 kbps. Customer service is extremely poor, no response from tata and my complaint is pending since august 2010. I do not recommend TATA to any one, at least not now.

  124. VIPUL says:

    Service of Photon plus is not as TATA Offered.Service of Tata Photon plus is like another services and product tata is providing. TATA ka naam bada hai darshan chote.Jaise car bhi tata ki kabhi nahi kharidni chahiye aise hi Netspeed of reliance is far better than tata. So dont go for any seirvice and product of TATA. Customer service is very poor ,and techinician doesn’t know any thing,RATAN TATA ko bahut pehle hi retirment lelena chahiye tha,kam se kam TATA ka naam to kharab nahi hota. Never go for any product of TATA

  125. Harendra says:

    Where is phonton plus store in dehradun? Plese Reply me.

    • Nitesh says:

      I am from Dehradun.! Its been one month I have taken tata photon+ and speed really Sucks. I am getting 100 % signals here in Dehradun but still the highest speed I have seen is 11 or 12 kbps/s Airtel Broadband is not here that’s why they provide such a bad service out here.

  126. Harendra says:

    What is minimum recharge of p+ per month?

  127. Chetan Anand says:

    It is Pathetic, Very slow speed.. I am repenting why I have chosen it.. Chetan

  128. me says:

    I was reading all the replies. Im not sure how some of the guys are getting more than 500kbps. Im having a 3.1mbps tata photon plan and all I wanted was a proper browsing speed . Its damn SLOOOOOOOWWWWWW. Its shower than the 128Kbps conn.

  129. Venkatesh Pitta says:

    Tata photon whiz is the most worst connection service…..am getting nly5kbps speed………

  130. Vaibhs says:

    Hi! I would like to know whether the Tata Photon+ connectivity is available in Jalna, Maharashtra as I need to travel there. Thanks.

  131. ashok says:

    m having tata photon plus. testerday i went for speed test and it showed download speed of 0.03mbps and upload speed of 0.02 mbps at around 9.00 pm.m having trouble with it. even you tube videos are buffering and browsing also takes time. FED up now!ANY SUGGESTIONS?

  132. chandan says:

    i’m in chennai,mahabalipuram, its average speed is only 10kbps …………how to prais it

  133. ishu says:

    i want to know what is the download speed and upload speed ? how to increase this speed in photon +? why disconnected many times ping and also connection in photon + if its speed upto 3 or 2 mbps. i saw a download speed at 1 to 1.5 mbps but actually its not working to be like that,why? any setting problem than slove my problem?

  134. Tuang says:

    after going thru all the comments, i decided not to go for Tata Photon. thanks everyone for opening my eyes before i buy, :P

  135. sitaram panda says:

    connect & apply.Urgent

  136. K D Bhaskar says:

    I am using tata photon plus since last 1.5 years but I could’t get a good service and good response from the tata photon side, they are promising more and more but never fulfill. So I personally advise never bought a tata photon plus USB internet. Speed<10kbps

  137. Rakesh says:

    i read all the opinions of the tata photon+ customer,& i agreed with them,pls.don’t buy a net connection from tata,otherwise you will have to write about this service.

  138. Rakesh says:

    surfing speed < 120 kbps download speed < 15 kbps

  139. Unisif says:

    i have bought a new tata photon plus….and its awesome..before i had Idea Net Setter…but Photon is the best Sam

  140. Mukti says:

    Ultimate speed …..i choose plan of Unlimited download @ 1100 Rs pm( 10 GB download data @ 3.1Mbps ). As my maxm usage is around 9-10 GB only , at any point of time i m getting speed of 2.5-3Mbps. Don’t blame photon , take plan according to you usage. Normal speed of photon plus is 153Kbps. First month i used like that but when i checked this plan its awsome. Try out for a month and see the diff.

  141. harsha says:

    hi iam from kakinada iam using tataindicom mobile since 10 years i need photon plus details and from when it works in kakinada we r waiting for photon plus plse launch as early as possible with unlimited package

  142. abhijeet says:

    wat i can say about this tata photon+ while using this it’s feel like i am in hell this is the worst wirless internet a hudge mistake i have done that i have purchased this product Dear, Friends,Buddyz and all other broadband user’s i beg u on my knees plz plz plz plz don’t go for this bloddy hell tata photo+ And wat they say’s that they have got a award for speed this all are fake plz don’t go on their saying becoz they are stable on their on words wat they promis speed of 3.1 mbps but but wait guys wat i am get is 20-25 kbps some times it goes up to 65 kbps so plz don’t plan for it.

  143. KUMAR RAJESH says:

    i think tata photon or any company providing broadband , are mother fuckers, they have only one intention to fuck us. they have broad in their name , which only means to make broad its customer asshole. they are real mother fuckers, i was just trap, one of the victim of your kind. i just want to say all of you plzzzzzzzz do not go for it. they fuck you, not even goodbye. kumar rajesh using photon + getting speed upto 20KBPS

  144. ISHAN says:

    its a worst speeed of tata photon i have ever seen

  145. raj says:

    do they count upload data ??

  146. Himanshu says:

    I really have to say that it’s speed is better than all other broadband in India. It show download speed upto 2.0 mbps but in early morning. But in afternoon or at night time it’s speed is above 100 kbps.It is quite fantastic I know how to increase the speed of the internet.

  147. pradeep says:

    i device is not speedy there is no speed indicator pl do the needful

  148. dheeraj says:

    I suggest everyone not to buy tata photon +

  149. suresh menon says:

    i want to know tata photo whiz net work available in assam if yes pl tell me area wise net work

    • pratyush kumar says:

      photon wizz network is available accros india so dn,t think for that go n buy if photon+ is available then buy photon+ it is better than photon wizz for more detail contact me pratyush my no.-07549196021

  150. pratyush kumar says:

    contact for buying photon+ my no.7549196021 for any information about photon+contact me. ok bye..

  151. shravan says:

    am using tata photon+ and its dam slow …….. even youtube videos are buffering , the download is also very slow so please don’t buy it…………

  152. murugan says:

    PLZZZZ do not buy tata photon plus… the speed is horrible u cant even get 20KBps (150 kbps) in chennai… cheaters … liars… i wonder why TRAI didnot take action against them because the minimum speed should be atleast 256kbps by regulation… the device is a piece of crap… waste.. no response frm nodal officer too

  153. Ray says:

    then which connection ll get good speed. i also purchaed photon+ ,same problem here also, pls anybody advise me which one the best conection?

  154. vinoth says:

    waste of money im using the shit tata photon + its downloads works at 2kbbs speed wow even it shows 97% signal in chennai tbm

  155. robo says:

    tat photon is total waste of money

  156. prabhu says:

    PLZZZZ do not buy tata photon plus… the speed is horrible u cant even get 20KBps

  157. prabhu says:

    PLZZZZ do not buy tata photon plus… the speed is horrible u cant even get 20KBps .in banglore,,,, Dear, Friends,Buddyz and all other broadband user’s i beg u on my knees plz plz plz plz don’t go for this bloddy hell tata photo+ only he toled uptoooooooooooooo,,,,,,oooo fuck,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,after fuck,,,,,,,,,,,

  158. prabhu says:

    PLZZZZ do not buy tata photon plus… the speed is horrible u cant even get 20KBps .in banglore,,,, Dear, Friends,Buddyz and all other broadband user’s i beg u on my knees plz plz plz plz don’t go for this bloddy hell tata photo+ only he toled uptoooooooooooooo,,,,,,oooo fuck,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,after fuck,,,,,,,,,,, good bay

  159. Nikhil Ghonge says:

    Worst Speed & Service Buying TATA Photon + is sheer wastage of Money . Downloading speed in day time is many time “30 KBPS” . As per Tata photon advertisement the downloading speed is upto 3.1 MBPS When contacted customer care for the same they keep there fingure on word “” upto 3.1 mbps” .However they don’t hesitate to say “sorry ” on any complaint . I think there sorry is complete meaning less. also they can write the mail that your issue is resolved irrespective of fact that your problem is not solved or your query is not answered properly My Feedbacks 1) Worst Speed 2) Worst Performance 3) Worst Customer Care sincerely advise others don’t buy Tata photon even if any one give you free device then also don’t subscribe. I am sincerely not expecting such quality service from Tata Group

  160. nisargjani says:

    tata photon plus is best speep to ahmedabad and early morning speed is best but night speed is 256kbps but photon is best……….

  161. Sh@rpShOOter says:

    I have Tata Photon + , signal 97% (network tata photon +)and speeds are 0.500 Mbps to 0.700 Mbps.. .Most of the time While Playing online every 5 minutes my response time Shoots more than 5 sec or even 10… where as @ firend’s house his responce time is not more than 175 ms with a connection of 512 kbps BSNL…………. called customer care, sent engineer he said it was cause MY WINDOWS IS NOT ACTIVATED.. my laptop has genuine win 7, same results… sometimes even on speedtest.net my ping is over 800ms

  162. Rohan Das says:

    Tata Photon+ service is best at Guwahati. I usually get average 150 KB/ps and maximum 340 KB/ps. My area is Jalukbari(dunno about other area). So I recommend Tata Photon+ if u r thinking of wireless internet. Please note: 8 kb (kilobits)= 1 KB (Kilobytes) so 1 mb(megabits) = 1000 kbits = 125 KBytes Photon+ is proposing 3.1 mbps (megabits per second) = 387.5 KBytes. Here in Guwahati I got max 340 KB/ps…..So its really Good

    • ASHUTOSH ANAND says:


  163. narinder verma says:

    Dear I am using Your tata photon + but speed not proper Daly speed problem My area is mandwali ip Extn Delhi 110092 pls my problem is solve Thank you Narinder verma mob no:9810277577

  164. Sh@rpShOOter says:

    Speed isn’t every thing it’s the RESPONCE TIME MORE THAN 1000ms

  165. Sh@rpShOOter says:

    WORST ISP FOR GAMING!!! PING IS 1000+ after every 30 sec!!!!!!!!!! sometimes even 20,000+!!! usless for gaming :p

  166. singh says:

    u r lucky for me 3-5kbps i would like to request not to buy tata photon+ They r only da cheater don buy it and ,useless customer care……

  167. roshan says:

    i buy tata photon plus 3.1mbps speed but can”t recive this speed i tell many customer care his nothing to doing…..why i buy tata photon plus this company cheating with user.

  168. chandra bhooshan says:

    you are making us fool . we are using 750 postpaid plan but the speed is not reaching even 1 mbps

  169. Vinay says:

    Hi Mukti. Everyone here is blaming tata photon for what it really is. Even I have unlimited download plan @ 1100. It really sucks!! I get a download speed of 10Kbps. After the 10GB download limit it is 1-3Kbps. GPRS connection is way faster than this.

  170. Tata Photon Data Card – The New 3.1Mbps Tata Photon+ 9282445756 Tata Photon Data Card – Tata Photon Plus Price: Rs.2499 Rs.1799 [ Today's Special Price] Speed: Upto 3.1 Mbps Photon Tariff Plans: Starting from Rs.250 call:9282445756 paramasivam Monthly says:

    Tata Photon Data Card – The New 3.1Mbps Tata Photon+ 9282445756 Tata Photon Data Card – Tata Photon Plus Price: Rs.2499 Rs.1799 [ Today's Special Price] Speed: Upto 3.1 Mbps Photon Tariff Plans: Starting from Rs.250 call:9282445756 paramasivam Monthly Payment: Post-paid Warranty: 1 Year call:9282445756 paramasivam Unique Feature: In-built Memory Card Slot to make it work like a Pen Drive Photon Offer: FREE National Roaming + Rs.1800 Guaranteed Cash-Back* Valid: Today call:9282445756 paramasivam For Booking Tata Photon Data Card, fill up the form on the top or Book Online Now call:9282445756 paramasivam

    • Arun Partap says:

      Please yaar Plans ke saath saarh kuch SPEEED bhi de do yhe chuutiyaaa panti wale plans ka kya faayda jab speed hi na ho

  171. kannabass says:

    iam now using tata photan whiz even ther’s no maximum download speed. it is giving less than 8Kbps for the actual speed of 153.6Kbps. even though there is full signal same problem. how we can belief like this services?

  172. phoenix says:

    hello users, i have tata photo+ since around june 2009. Its the worst thing ever happened to me. i was overcharged in the very first month for excess use of over 10 GB and they said i had used 2 GB more and for that i was billed 2,000 extra for that month where as according my download bytes chart which is part of the connection software i was not more than 8 GB. I fought with them and got the bill rectified. It’s the worst speed i have ever got and its the worst service provider other ‘so called’ bad companies. They have never lived up to the speed and they bluntly say on the face that i will get the average speed of 250 K. they don’t tell u if its Kbytes or Kbits they just say kbps and that’s how they cheat. According to my plan maximum speed i should get is 3.1 mbps that is 400 Kbytes approx when divide it by 8 to convert bytes to bits but i never get more than 100 kbytes this is maximum and they never set any lower limit they will only say “SPEED UPTO 3.1 MBPS”. my average speed these days is not more than 50 Kbytes. I get more in my fixed line connection of lower plan. Tata has never lived upto the expetations in telecom in mumbai as their network is also very bad. Go for those who have good network in mumbai and stop using Tata. cheers phoenix

  173. Pravin Ghorpade says:

    i have purchased TATA Photon +………and getting Speed of TATA Whiz(150 Kb/s).TATA photon(- – - — –) I Suggest dont buy it.I have made lot of compliants but there are three monkeys of TATA which DONT HERE…….DONT SAY………DONT SEE…..So think before BUY.Pay for 3.1Mbps and get speed of Dial UP………

  174. vaibhav says:

    I am in delhi,NCR got photon plus 1 yr back. I am getting avg download speed 8 Kbps. Given complaints lot of time but they are not at all responding Thet are the cheaters

  175. Bimal Panthi says:

    Who wants to buy the tata photon plus+, u can contact me and its in Gandhinagar, Ahemdabad.

  176. Devendra says:

    Don’t buy Tata Photon Plus, Download Speed is only 8-12 Kbps and Upload Speed is only 3-5 Kbps. Really it is waste of money.

  177. Sujay Chatterjee says:

    Please tell me Tata Phhoton Plus coverage available in Siliguri,WB

  178. vhanmane bhauso says:

    Dear sir, i want disconnects the tata photon connection, what is procedure? please as earliest. With Regards, =vhanmane

  179. Rajeev says:

    Hi, I’m using wireless tata photon plus USB modem for about a week. when i tried to download some file using bitcomet and utorrent. the speed is very low. I’m getting around 12KBps per torrent file. Otherwise I’m getting good speed when using youtube or downloading small applications. Can anyone help me how to tweak the bit comet application or change settings in the photon plus application to get greater speed? Please comment about the speed which you are getting using the same wireless modem.

  180. jaison mathew says:

    I am using Tata Photon vhiz but i am not getting speed How i can increase speed of tata photon vhiz

  181. knk says:

    do the people charge for downloading various items for approx 1 hr. ?

  182. yedhu says:

    i got upto 150kbps for about 2gb data download.after its down to 15-20kbps and it never improved .speed test shows a speed of 112 kbps but im getting only 20kbps.my location is well within the tataphoton coverage area. i contacted the customer care but they are of no help

  183. Jonnysid says:

    this fucking tata photon is horrible and damn useless….i request you friends pls dont waste money….I pay Rs.950 per month and its not even 10ps worth…..All that i say is tata photon fucks….they rush to our home only for bill collection…useless giving useless network…tata photon is waste of all…go for bsnl or airtel or even mts…tata photon is good for nothing…

  184. amongmike says:

    tata photon rly sucks…….never go for it..plizz plizzz plizzz i beg u…!!!!!

  185. mani says:

    my last i bought tata photon + unlimited 5GB plan .. it rocks .. i am satisfied but my doubt is how it works when it reaches 144 kbs … any suggestion ..

  186. Ajaypal Bhakar says:

    tata photon is a very bed servar . my photon speed 9 kbps and uploading 20 kbps .

  187. Nemy says:

    jub maine photon+ liya tou tata k shop wale ne hie bola dat 3.1mbps bol-te hai bt 1.5 hie miltiii hai…fuk man

  188. rajesh says:

    hi……………… this is rajesh .i had purchased a tata photon + +++………. wire less modem.i had took 6 months package for rs 5000 while taking the modem . the tata marketng guy hd tld that the speed wil b betwin 256kbps to 3.1 mbps bt now it ws nt up to the mark. it was one of the worst network…….. the customer care responce also not good………….. rajesh 09494401552

  189. Hayan says:

    we had a photon conncection but it is horrible. the speed is only maximum 50 kpbs

  190. Vidfootie says:

    depends upon parts

  191. faisal ahmad says:

    i purchased tata photon plus some 2 months ago. leave aside the mps, it only delivers a speed of 3 to 15 kbps of download speed. i feel very sorry to buy a product like this. Sometimes i feel like pulling my hair out. i called tata customer care several times but they said it won’t work in hsia mode in our town. what a silly network.

  192. Arun Partap says:

    Hello Guys, I’ll say only …Please don’t go for this device.. this is really Bull shit oh !! Sorry not Bull Its Pig Shit….

  193. Arun Partap says:

    They can give lots of offer in starting but al last only performance matters…. And if you are spenting money please buy Brodband don’t go for this USB internet whether it is Airtel, Tata, MTS or any other.. -:( Arun Partap Gurgaon

  194. jeeva says:

    I have a Photon plus usb modem for resale. Price only Rs.1500/-

  195. jayendra mhatre says:

    i want speed….plzzzzz

  196. jeeva says:

    i bought new tat photon+ the dealer said i;ll get upto 3.1 mbps speed…. but i tried to download a movie frm torrent the download speed doesnt xceeds 1 or 2kbps….plz gimme a solution

  197. ahamed says:

    i bought photon+ it disconnects every 3 hour please help and the speed is 5-12 kB advice is more welcome

  198. Gaurav says:

    bastards i only gety a maximum speed of 120 kbps in most ideal coinditions otherwise below than 10 kbps

  199. Swati Pathak says:

    I have been using this network for the past 4months and its working extremly wonderful. I always enjoy the high bandwidth.

  200. Parminder Singh says:

    Call me @ +919582877422 for tata photon Delivery..

  201. A Rama Krishna Rao says:

    My Account No. 909846885 with in Acc. NO. 9246440395. we are not getting req. speed the speed test revil we are getting only 1.5 to 1.9 aginest 3.1 mbps Please ensure Propore speed and Informing with reg.

  202. Sam says:

    I am using this tata photon they told me it will give you 3 mbps.it giving me 600 kbps what the hell when i called in call center they telling me me it is good speed now what should i say now…………pleeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont buy tata photon………..

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  205. Misti Flexer says:

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